Andreas Voigt

Dipl Ing PhD, Assoc. Prof. [Director - ARS] [Head - IFOER]

Andreas is a trained regional and urban planner. He received his PhD from Vienna University of Technology with "sub auspiciies praesidentis" and did his habilitation for the venia "masterplanning/local planning".

His research and teaching foci are sustainable urban and regional development, spatial simulation and planning theory.Since 2005 Andreas is director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Spatial Simulation and Modelling [ARS] belonging to the Department of Spatial Planning at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning. Further, he is networker for the international PhD College "Research Lab Space", co-founder of the Institute of Spatial Interaction and Simulation [IRIS-ISIS] and engineer consultant for urban and regional planning as well as land use regulations. Moreover, he is partner of the engineering consultant association "ArGe Projekte-SV".


Andreas is director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Spatial Simulation and Modelling [ARS] and head of IFOER.

Julia Forster

Dipl Ing Ph D [Researcher]

+43 58801 280431

Julia is a trained architect with professional practice in interdisciplinary planning processes. She has extensive experience working with both private and public sector clients. Currently, Julia is working on various research projects dealing with visual analytics. Julia's research foci are strategic visualization and automation techniques in spatial modeling.


Fabian Dembski

Dipl Ing [Researcher]

Fabian is a trained architect with a focus in his research on energy consious urban infill development. In addition he works as an architect and consultant for sustainability. In addition to his teaching appointment at Vienna University of Technology Fabian also teaches for the movens-society addressing architectural education for kids and teenagers.

Julia Pechhacker

BSc [Researcher]

Julia is a trained spatial planner. Currently, she is master student of spatial planning and projectassistant at Simlab and IFOER.

Tiina Hotakainen

M Sc

+43 (1) 58801 280433

Tiina is a trained architect and exchange doctoral student from Oulu, Finnland. 

Birger Schacht



Doris Mayer



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Visiting professors

[2015] Alenka Poplin, Iowa State University, USA

[2012] Pierre Frankhauser, Université de Franche-Comté, France

[2010] Uwe Wössner, High Performance Computing Centre (HLRS), University of Stuttgart, Germany

[2010] Joachim Kieferle, University of Applied Sciences  RheinMain, Wiesbaden, Germany



Previous staff and visiting researchers

[2010-2015] Claudia Yamu

[2014] Tomohiro Muraki, The University of Tokyo, Japan

[2013] Irem Ince, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey

[2012] Saadet Tugce Tezer, Yildiz University Istanbul, Turkey