Monthly Archive June 2018

trAILs – Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation

Alpine heavy industry (mining, steelmaking, chemical industry, etc.) is rapidly declining, leaving behind “Alpine Industrial Landscapes” (AILs), huge former productive landscapes of significant size, diffusion and complexity. At present, no reliable quantification of such areas exists and significant transformation attempts or conversion strategies have not been developed. The potential value of AILs was hardly mentioned in previous alpine development programmes and institutional project reports. Nevertheless, the sustainable transformation of slot spiele AILs is an extremely relevant challenge, strongly connected to ecological, economic and social key issues such as environmental regeneration, reactivation of local and regional economy and promotion of Alpine industrial cultural heritage. The project aims to generate specific knowledge about AILs, to develop and test sustainable transformation strategies, transferable to other industrial landscapes all over the alpine region.

Erzberg, Styria (Austria); Image (C) Google Earth - Geoimage Austria, European Space Imaging, Digital Globe, Landsat/Copernicus, SIO, NOAA, U.S.Navy, NGA, GEBCO