Blackout durch Cyberangriffe

Blackout durch Cyberangriffe

Military experts and IT specialists are pooling their know-how with academic researchers from Vienna University of Technology to improve preparedness for a blackout scenario. Under the auspices of TU Vienna‘s doctoral college URBEM (Urban Energy and Mobility System), ten PhD students collaboratively developed the prototype of a virtual city to address urban issues from an economic, technological, social and ecological perspective. This model is to be transferred to the situation centres of the Austrian Federal Armed Forces and optimized using input and expertise from the participants in the doctoral college. The resilience of IT systems will be surveyed, analysed and evaluated in order to safeguard the management capability in the situation centres of the Federal Ministry of Defence and the four major Armed Forces commands in the event of a blackout scenario.

The project is a cooperation between the following TU Wien partner institutes:
Faculty of Civil Engineering – Institute of Building Construction and Technology – Research Division of Building Physics and Sound Protection (E206-02) (project lead)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology – Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives (E370)
Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering – Institute of Energy Systems and Thermodynamics (E302)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology – Telecommunications (E389)
Faculty of Architecture and Planning – Institute of Architectural Sciences (E259)

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Mission oriented research financed by the Austrian Armed Forces.

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