MICADO – Migrant Integration Cockpits & Dashboards

The goal of MICADO is to offer an easy-to-use ICT-based assistance tool to help migrants in the first weeks and months upon arrival in European cities. This tool consists of a mobile application guiding newcomers within the topics of housing, labour, education and health. In addition, the project is developing a common migrant data and user management platform for public authorities that facilitates the coordination of processes between migrants, public authorities and civil society organisations.
By bringing together data and information from different sources, the MICADO platform provides insight into key challenges and tasks in an interactive dashboard. This approach helps to identify specific needs of users, leading to improvement of the quality of public services and better management of the resources of cities, authorities, and civil society ogranisations.
The project applies the competence of 15 organisations from five European countries working in the domains of research, administration, and social assistance. Testing of MICADO is being carried out in four European cities – Hamburg, Bologna, Madrid, and Antwerp – but the final product will provide a flexibility to enable a successful application in many other places in Europe.
During the course of the project, Simlab is focussing on spatial data processing and visualisation options and providing input on technical questions, taking account of the specific challenges resulting from complex urban and social processes.

Project duration 01/2019 - 06/2022
Funded by H2020-Programme of the European Commission
Lead Partner HCU Hamburg
Project Website micadoproject.eu
This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 Innovation Action under Grant Agreement No 822717.