• SmartQ+ Bruck/Leitha
    In order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (Paris Agreement), in addition to the switch to sustainable energy sources and the creation of energy-efficient buildings, transport in particular […]
  • M-DAB 2 – Material intensity of inward development – resource assessment and localization of urban development potentials
    Annual land consumption in Austria is currently 47 km² (more than the area of Eisenstadt), clearly superseding the target of 9 km²/year, which the current government program aims to achieve in 2030 […]
  • trAILs – Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation
    Industrial change in Europe is also accompanied by the decline of traditional heavy and manufacturing industries in peripheral and less urbanized regions, such as the Alpine Space. This results in […]
  • Danubian SMCs
    Danubian SMCs builds upon the cooperation established within the Interreg project DANUrB and aims to bring together students and teachers from various universities along the Danube. The project […]
  • MICADO – Migrant Integration Cockpits & Dashboards
    The goal of MICADO is to offer an easy-to-use ICT-based assistance tool to help migrants in the first weeks and months upon arrival in European cities. This tool consists of a mobile application […]
  • M-DABM-DAB – Digitise, analyse and sustainably manage the city’s material resources
    Starting situation, problems and motivation Vienna is a growing metropolitan region in Austria. Hence, politics and authorities need to draft paths for sustainable and affordable building […]
  • Vienna Hofburg 3D digital model
    In collaboration with the Department of Art History of the Institute of History of Art and Musicology at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), the Architecture Collection at the Albertina and the […]
  • Cyber Blackout Scenario
    Military experts and IT specialists are pooling their know-how with academic researchers from Vienna University of Technology to improve preparedness for a blackout scenario. Under the auspices of TU […]
  • URBEM PhD Course
    Launched in 2013, the doctoral college URBEM (Urban Energy and Mobility System) is an interdisciplinary collaboration between TU Vienna and Vienna‘s public utilities operator Wiener Stadtwerke. The […]
  • DANUrB | DANube Urban Brand
    The aim of the project is to develop innovative, sustainable cultural and tourism strategies to generate valuable economic and social impetus for the Danube region and preserve its cultural heritage. […]
  • Virtual Airport City Vienna
    In order to optimize the energy consumption of the Vienna Airport, a simulation model is being created that will transform Vienna Airport into a virtual model city. Vienna Airport comprises around […]
  • SmartAIRea
    As a road/rail/air transport hub, Graz Airport and it surroundings offer an ideal opportunity to embed thematic principles of sustainable development such as building and spatial organisation, […]
    The research project SIMULTAN addresses questions about the city of the future with a view to planning sustainable, liveable cities of tomorrow. The goal is to produce a workable tool, in the form of […]