Team / Partners

Julia Forster

Julia Forster, head of simlab,

is an architect concerned with strategic visualization of energy and mobility data in settlement areas as a tool to support planning and decision-making. She completed her PhD under the auspices of the URBEM doctoral college and was awarded with the TU Wien Ressel Prize 2017 for her PhD. Her research focuses on digital spatial visualization for holistic system views and agile collaboration among domain experts.

Stefan Bindreiter

Stefan Bindreiter, project researcher,

is a spatial planner with a research focus on algorithm-based analysis tools for spatial planning. He addresses the concrete application of these methodologies in the creation and implementation of macroregional planning strategies. Additionally, he is a trained software developer with years of professional practice in various software development companies. Stefan takes care of the lab’s hard- and software, is involved in many research projects and prepares Software environments for the use of VR in teaching.

Isabella Schuster

Isabella Schuster, project researcher,

is a spatial planner with professional experience in infrastructure planning and visualisation for municipal stakeholders. Currently she is working on her PhD in spatial planning in the framework of the International Doctoral College – Spatial Research Lab with the frame Crossing Borders, Activating Spaces. Her main research focus lies on the interdisciplinarity of spatial development and entangling planning processes.

Balázs Cserpes

Balázs Cserpes, project researcher,

is a spatial planner focusing mainly on suitable visual communication tools and methodologies to display complex planning issues. His research interests range from current matters such as migration, to the role and impact of big data in spatial planning processes.

Kilian Koppensteiner, project researcher,

has been studying spatial planning since 2019 and is committed to the visualisation of information, especially related to public transport and maps. The focus of his Master's Degree lies on urban development and cartography. Experienced in designing maps and graphics, he suports the Simlab team since 2021 in visual and administrative tasks.

Doris Mayer

Doris Mayer, office and administration,

always keeps her eye on the big picture. Doris is in charge of the organisational, administrative and financial side of the simlab and also schedules the lab time for the various projects.

Tiina Maria Hotakainen

Tiina Maria Hotakainen, researcher,

is a PhD student at TU Wien and the University of Oulu in Finland whose research focuses on areas in transformation. In her work at the SimLab she is analysing the extent to which digital and analogue art and culture installations can be used to support planning processes.

Andreas Voigt

Andreas Voigt, head of the research unit Local Planning,

studied Spatial Planning at TU Vienna, where he was awarded a doctorate with distinction („sub auspiciies praesidentis“) and was subsequently appointed Associate Professor of Local Planning. His research and teaching activities focus on sustainable urban and regional development and spatial simulation and its theoretical foundations.